Thursday, October 6, 2022

Escape - Avoiding the Traps of Modern Christianity - Get Your Kindle Copy for just .99!

About a month or so ago I shared with you about a new book written by a friend - Chasing Whales. I highly recommend it! (You will find my review at this link.) Today I want to let you know about another book Michael Chanley which you are able to pre-order as a kindle copy for just .99 and will release to print copy next month - Escape: Avoiding the Traps of Modern Christianity.

I have to say I have not yet read this book, but will be receiving it when it releases, so today I want to share with you what this book is about and I am absolutely confidently able to say, since Michael wrote it, it is certain to provide insight to the questions we all have been asking as we watch where the church is at this point in time - and it will encourage and challenge us to walk the walk.

"A biblical-based solution to address the traps of modern Christian faith.

  • Uncover the story of rebellion, apathy, denial, and anger as we unpack their Biblical history
  • Learn ways to avoid falling into common pitfalls and mistakes for people of faith
  • Practice spiritual development as we learn about transformation, passion, faith, and love

About Escape - Avoiding the Traps of Modern Christianity

Do you ever feel like we took a wrong turn somewhere?

The Church is supposed to model God's absolute love, forgiveness, mercy, and grace. How did it become such a mess? Rather than try to untangle the current mess of socio-political landmines, instead of debating the history of how we got here in this present quagmire, maybe we just need to run for the door? We need to get back to the source. We need to rediscover God and His message. We need escape.

Our world is constantly abusing the message of Christ. We are urged to 'do more' and 'be more.' When Christ beckons us to simply pause, and 'be still.'

Join us in escaping the chaos, clutter, and claymores of our modern day toxic culture. In 
Escape - Avoiding the Traps of Modern Christianity, we explore the Old and New Testament to avoid the traps of modern Christianity by:

  • identifying the traps of rebellion, apathy, denial, and anger
  • learning to lean into God's Word for truth as an escape plan
  • practicing spiritual formation as a means to reconnect with God

Get your faith back on track in this groundbreaking book. As you read, you'll learn how to pull together the whole of the Biblical narrative, from Genesis to Revelation, to see God's enduring message of love.

From the Author, Michael J. Chanley

'This project originated from a long season of spiritual abuse mixed with some deep church trauma. I suffered through a challenging season. The chaos left me searching God and deconstructing my faith.

Often, I found myself wrestling with the blatant hypocrisy and idolatry I witnessed in church leaders, including myself. In an effort to rediscover a personal relationship with Jesus, I began to look for an escape plan.
I wanted out.
I wanted to be free.

Freedom came in an unexpected place: seminary.

My studies took me through a deep study of God's Word. I rediscovered His timeless truth and found grace for those I had begun to criticize.

Escape - Avoiding the Traps of Modern Christianity explores major themes from the Biblical narrative. We explore rebellion, apathy, denial, and anger as themes leading to a rejection of faith in Christ. These themes are part of the modern Christian struggle. They are at the root of the bad-press and persistent failings of the Church.

As we dive into the Old and New Testament narrative, we examine each trap for escape plans. Each chapter ends by prescribing spiritual practices designed to reconnect our lost hearts to the God of love, mercy, and forgiveness.

I hope you will join me in this study and in the additional content which is available in our Facebook Group.'"

I can not wait to get my copy! You are able to pre-order your kindle copy of Escape - Avoiding the Traps of Modern Christianity for just .99 - please do so - you will be so glad you did! (And, please share this post with the people you know who are looking for the same answers, so they are able to get Escape - Avoiding the Traps of Modern Christianity as well.)


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