Monday, April 24, 2023

Praying Deeper Through the Psalms for Grandparents & Parents, Too!

When you look at the world around you, do you wonder how your grandchildren/children will possibly grow up to love, know and follow God with faithful hearts? There are so many things to deceive them and side-track or derail their walk with God. But, we do not have to wonder or worry. No! We are able to do something about it! We are able to pray and know God not only hears our prayers, but He listens and answers them as well! 

With Praying Deeper Through the Psalms for Grandparents & Parents, Too!, you will find 52 weeks of Scripture prayers which guide you in praying specifically for God's Word to be shown in your own life and the lives of the children you love! Each week begins with a new Scripture, personalized prayer and questions to consider. Then each day for the coming week, you will be able to pray a portion of the verse/prayer for yourself and your grandchildren/children. This focus on praying God's Word for yourself and your grandchildren/children will give you the opportunity to do something. Something which makes a difference. Pray!

“There is nothing more important Christian grandparents can do than pray daily for their grandchildren. And what better way to pray than through God’s prayer book, the Psalms. Whenever you pray Scripture back to God, you can be assured you are praying for His will to be done. Praying Deeper Through the Psalms by Lynda is a wonderful resource for all of us grandparents who want to pray more effectively for our grandkids. 

                    Wayne Rice; Dad, Grandpa, Co-founder of Youth Specialties, Founding Team, Author Long-Distance Grandparenting 

Praying Deeper Through the Psalms is a fantastic resource. With easy to follow instructions, it creates an environment where we are able to actively and regularly pray for our grandchildren/ children. I am excited to see generations change as a result of investing in this rich spiritual discipline.

                  Matthew Guevara; Dad, Executive Director International Network of Children’s Ministry

Lynda Freeman is a prayer warrior, firmly grounded in her love for Christ. Coupling her passion for God’s Word with her commitment to prayer, she has constructed this remarkable step-by-step guide for praying the Psalms. 

The structure of Praying Deeper Through the Psalms is simple and user friendly.  One passage of Scripture is assigned per week. This allows God’s Word to marinate as He reveals His message to the reader.  The questions and prayer which accompany each passage are insightful and challenging.

In a world muddied by lies, half-truths at best, it is imperative parents and grandparents return to their knees. We need to implore God to save the hearts of our children, grandchildren and future generations. Lynda Freeman offers a simple, but profound guide to help her readers accomplish this goal. She says it best with the following words: ‘Praying is not a last resort; it is our everyday plan.’ 

        Sherry Schumann - Mom, Grandma, Grandmas with Heart, Author  Prayers that Stir the Hearts of Grandparents

“Lynda provides an excellent tool for grandparents and parents to help them dig into God’s Word and develop a rich prayer life through the Scriptures. Praying Deeper Through the Psalms is very practical in providing a guide to help grandparents and parents discover the richness of Scripture in a variety of ways and the beauty of a consistent prayer ministry for their grandchildren. As a grandpa of five wonderful grandchildren, this has encouraged me to ‘dig deeper’ for their sake and His Glory.

                Jim Dahl; Dad, Grandpa, Regional Liaison Manager for the California Board of Equalization

I likePraying Deeper Through the Psalms very much. This material is desperately needed by grandparents and parents; I know of a number of grandmas who would love to have it right now.

Catherine Jacobs; Mom. Grandma, Founder and Executive Director of Pass the Legacy Ministry, Author of Pass the Legacy

Get Praying Deeper Through the Psalms at this link for the mom's on your gift list - they will enjoy it all year long!

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