Thursday, May 4, 2023

The Miracle Mobility 4N1 - a Great Mother's Day Gift!

Do you, or a mom you love, have trouble getting around? Have you noticed a decrease in your abilities due to medical challenges or age and see how this impacts your mobility? If so, have you been looking for things which will help you with your mobility challenges? If so, then I encourage you to take a good look at the Miracle Mobility 4N1!

What is the Miracle Mobility 4N1, you ask? Well, it is one of the most unique and versatile mobility aids I have found as it combines a rollator with an electric chair giving you the ability to use it as a rollator when you are able to walk, and allowing you to easily switch (and it truly is an easy switch) to an electric chair driven by you or someone with you, or pushed by someone with you (hence, the 4 in 1!)

Miracle Mobility sent me one of the 4N1 rollator/chairs for me to try and I have to say I am impressed! I LOVE how easy it is to switch from the rollator to the chair - and back again if necessary! I LOVE how portable the 4N1 is - it is lightweight (only weighs 51 pounds) which makes it easy to push when you use it as a rollator, and easy to put in and take out of your car whenever you go anywhere! I LOVE how it easily fits through doorways and around corners! I LOVE the 10 mile battery - this is sufficient when making a trip to the store or when enjoying the outdoors (like I did at the Fredrik Meijer Gardens!) 

The Miracle Mobility 4N1 Electric Walker Wheelchair is a multi-tool of walker/wheelchairs . . .

Features include:
➡️ Folds within three Seconds to size of large suitcase (27” L x 31” H x 13” w)
➡️ Front controller operates 4N1 like a power wheelchair
➡️ Rear controller operates 4N1 as a power walker (provides electric power assistance for caregiver which makes pushing walker/wheelchair easier
➡️ Battery is airline approved
➡️ Armrests lift to allow for easy transfer onto wheelchair
➡️ Footrest lifts and swings forward and back for easy transfer on and off wheelchair
➡️ Joystick controller has battery life indicator lights and five speed settings
➡️ Weighs 38lbs without battery and 41lbs with battery
➡️ Hand brakes will lock wheels in place for additional stability

If you have been looking for something to help with your mobility concerns, take a look at the 4N1 (you will find it on Amazon and at this link.) And, with Mother's Day just around the corner, the 4N1 would make a fantastic gift if a mom you love needs help with her mobility!

With the 4N1 you - or someone you love - will be able to get out and enjoy the beautiful Spring, go places this Summer, and enjoy life once again! (And yes, you are easily able to take it on an airplane or train, too!)

So check out the Miracle Mobility 4N1 - you - or whomever you give it to - will be so glad you did!

Miracle Mobility sent me a 4N1 for review, but I was not paid for my review or told what to write. My opinions are my own.

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