Monday, June 12, 2023

A Summer of Mobility with the 4N1 from Miracle Mobility

Summer is here and while today is rainy outside my window, warmer weather, sunny days, beautiful blue skies are what I expect most days for the coming three months. Summer days just call for me to get out and enjoy it all, but I have MS and severe arthritis, so getting out and about does bring with it mobility challenges . . . or at least it did, but no longer! I have a wonderful 4N1 from Miracle Mobility and with it I am able to get out and about and enjoy the summer days!

There are several things I love about the 4N1, but my favorite is how easy it is for me to move between using it as an electric chair and using it as a rollator. Walking is good for me, but I have a limited ability to walk far - no problem with the 4N1! I use it as a rollator and when I need to take a break, I use it as an electric chair! I absolutely LOVE this! My husband and I visit Frederik Meijer Gardens pretty much every week (sometimes with our grandsons and family - and possibly a sweet neighbor girl this week) and because I use the 4N1 I am able to get out and enjoy it - and get some steps in as well!

I also am very happy about how easy it is to take the 4N1 with me anywhere I want to go - it folds up like my regular rollator, and while it is about ten pounds heavier, it still weighs just 50lbs, so getting it in and out of the car is not difficult. If my husband and I wanted to take a trip and fly somewhere, it would be able to go with us.

I truly love the 4N1 and highly recommend it for anyone who has mobility challenges - keep in mind, Grandparents Day is the second Sunday in September and the 4N1 would make a fantastic gift to give to someone you love who is facing mobility challenges as it is not only the gift of the 4N1, but also is the gift of mobility.

You will find more information about the 4N1 at this link. They sent me a 4N1 for review purposes, but these are my opinions and I was not paid to share my opinions.

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