Wednesday, June 14, 2023

Cuisinart Coffee-On-Demand

My day begins at 5:45 . . . yes, in the AM. And yes, this is EARLY!!!! But, I get up five days a week at 5:45 to fix breakfast for my hubby before he goes to work. So, I can assure you, I am so thankful for the Cuisinart Coffee-On-Demand as it makes fixing coffee so easy . . . even at 5:45 am.

I really enjoy my morning coffee, but since I have MS and Lupus I do not like to use a traditional coffeemaker . . . I don't want to drop a hot pot of coffee. With the Cuisinart Coffee-on-Demand coffeemaker, I do not have to even think about carrying a hot pot of coffee as this machine dispenses up to 12 cups of coffee one cup at a time! I love the Cuisinart Coffee-on-Demand!

This coffeemaker from Cuisinart has everything! The water reservoir is so easy to fill - and since it is clear and on the side of the machine you can easily see how much water you put in it! I really appreciate how the cup area lights up as you fill your cup - this makes it so much easier to see how much coffee is in your cup - no accidentally overfilling your cup with the Cuisinart Coffee-on-Demand!

Plus, the coffee this machine makes is sooo wonderful! It brews quickly and perfectly - hot, tasty, and just flat delicious! Can you tell I love the Cuisinart Coffee-on-Demand coffeemaker?! :-) If you are looking for a new coffeemaker, definitely check out this machine!

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