Monday, June 5, 2023

I'm Going to Have a Good Day! Daily Affirmations with Scarlett

I am happy to share with another book from Zonderkidz - I'm Going to Have a Good Day!

I'm Going to Have a Good Day! Daily Affirmations with Scarlett

Author - Tiania Haneline and Scarlett Gray

Illustrator - Stephanie Dehennin

Publisher - Zonderkidz

Ages - 4-8

Once again there are several things I really liked about this book - 

  • The illustrations are wonderful, full of color and detail which will most certainly encourage children.
  • The message of using daily affirmations is one which will benefit children - and all of us.
  • The book is encouraging - and certainly in this day and age we all need to be encouraged.
Zonderkidz says; "I am beautiful. I am kind. I am loved.

In this uplifting children’s book, young listeners will discover how they can use daily affirmations to remind them of who they are and what makes them special. Join TikTok sensation Scarlett Gray and Tiania Haneline as they repeat exuberant affirmations that empower Scarlett throughout the day and inspire those around her to create their own uplifting self-talk.

Every morning as her mom brushes her hair, Scarlett recites her daily affirmations. Those powerful words travel with her throughout her day, helping her replace negative thoughts with positive ones and live out the truth that she is beautiful, strong, brave, kind, and worthy of love. This fun-filled and inspiring kids’ book also includes a list of uplifting and child-friendly statements your child can use to create their own daily affirmation routine. You and your young listener will discover how much words matter in your own lives.

I'm Going to Have a Good Day! teaches children 4-8:

  • how to incorporate positive affirmations into their lives
  • that self-esteem is fun and empowering
  • the benefits of passing on love and encouragement to others
  • how to overcome negative thoughts in their everyday lives
  • how to build confidence and see their self-worth

I'm Going to Have a Good Day! is ideal for:

  • bedtime and story time listening
  • encouraging kindness and self-confidence
  • sharing God's love

Build up your loved ones with encouraging words of affirmation, and they'll be saying, 'I'm going to have a good day!'"

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