Thursday, June 22, 2023

Riehel's Select Popcorn

My grandsons love popcorn - we typically have it when then are at our house for their weekly sleepover, so today I want to write about an amazing popcorn I just received for review . . .

Riehel's Select Popcorn

Favorite Features -
  • While there are several things I love about this popcorn, the thing I love the most is how delicious it is!
  • Available in several colors and types
  • Pops up perfectly!
Riehel's Select says; "Riehle's Select grows and harvest the best, most unique blends of gourmet popcorn available. At Riehle's Select you're getting true gourmet popcorn from the popcorn experts. Grown, packaged and shipped from the Riehle Popcorn Farm in Indiana, you're guaranteed outstanding taste, texture, quality and GMO free. If it doesn't meet our high standards, we don't sell it. We take great pride in our gourmet popcorn which makes us stand out from all the others. Choose from 13 specialty varieties of our mouthwatering, whole grain, gourmet popcorn including our virtually hull-free popcorn, ladyfinger hulless microwave popcorn and organic popcorn! Once you discover Riehle's Select gourmet popcorn you'll never buy plain yellow popcorn again."

As I mentioned above, I LOVE Riehel's Select popcorn! It pops up with few hulls and is crisp, tasty and everything you want popcorn to be! They sent me a bag of their pink popcorn and one of their blue for review - we tried them both and they are delicious!

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