Thursday, June 8, 2023

The Miracle Mobility 4N1 - a Fantastic Father's Day or Father's Day Gift for Yourself or Someone You Love!

Recently I have written about receiving the Miracle Mobility 4N1 rollator/electric wheelchair and today I am happy to let you know about my experience using it. I went to a local garden/ sculpture park (Frederik Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park) and spent several hours driving it inside the building to see the butterflies and outside in the garden and sculpture park - the following is what I think of the 4N1 -

  • It is very comfortable - I found it to be comfortable the entire time I used it.
  • I found holding the joystick lower towards it's base worked best for me as opposed to trying to steer it by holding the joystick towards the top of the joystick.
  • There were portions of the garden when I needed to use the 4N1 as a rollator and found it to be very easy to push along in this way. This was not due to any issue with the 4N1, but the path was uneven and sloped. I personally loved how easy it was to switch between the electric chair and the rollator - this makes the 4N1 a very flexible and adaptable resource and, in my opinion, is a huge benefit!
  • Getting the 4N1 in and out of the car could not have been easier!
  • It was very easy to maneuver it around corners, through door-ways, and around people.
I highly recommend the 4N1 as a resource for yourself or someone you love who needs some mobility help. It would make a fantastic Father's Day gift for sure!

You will find more information about the 4N1 at this link. They sent me a 4N1 for review purposes, but these are my opinions and I was not paid to share my opinions.

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