Friday, July 28, 2023

Birthday Dessert - Chocolate Mousse Pie!

My youngest grandson will be turning ten in a few days, so this year his birthday dinner menu is - steak, french fries, watermelon, corn on the cob, and chocolate mousse pie! I always let my family members choose the menu for their birthday dinner, so when he told me he thought chocolate pie sounded tasty for his dinner, I started looking for a recipe - and happily found one which I'm sharing with you today!

Of course, just the idea of a Chocolate Mousse Pie has you wanting to make one, and I am happy to say, this one says it is actually, "As easy as pie!" I checked the recipe and it does look easy - and tasty, so this year Chocolate Mousse Pie in on the menu for my grandson's birthday dinner . . . and will likely be enjoyed at other times throughout the year as well! 

You will find the recipe at this link . . . Cooking Classy  What could be a better way to celebrate a birthday - or National Milk Chocolate Day, so get ready for some chocolate deliciousness at your home as you are sure to want to make it as well!

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