Thursday, July 27, 2023

Take & Make the Time to Speak & Show Love

I am blessed with three grandchildren - and they are all doing what they do . . . growing up. My oldest grandson now has his driver's permit! How could this have possibly happened so fast?!

At any rate, as they grow older I will do what I've done throughout their lives, take time to make sure they know how very dearly they are loved and how I see them as extremely valuable people who have much to offer the world around them. I have been blessed throughout their lives to have them come to my house nearly every weekend for a sleepover - even my teen grandson continues to come for these sleepovers! Along with being very blessed, I am very happy!

Each time they are at my house I tell them how thankful I am they are there, and even though they hear this a lot, it is because I always mean it. I try to do little things they will enjoy - make popcorn, have apples at my house (my middle grandson LOVES apples), and stop what I am doing to talk with them. I want them to see and experience how much I love and value them, so they will always know they are loved and valued.

If you have grandchildren and/or children, take time to make time to speak and show your love for them. It matters. (The photo on this post is of my grandsons a number of years ago when they visited Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park - it is one of my favorites!)

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