Sunday, August 20, 2023

crafting with grandma - Let's Make Apples

Fall is nearly upon us and it is also apple time . . . especially if you live in West Michigan as do I! But whether you live in an apple-growing area or not, these little apples are fun to make and are a fun decoration for any time of year!

Supplies -
  • Styrofoam balls or newspaper
  • strips of fabric
  • unrolled paper ribbon or sticks
  • burlap
  • glue sticks/glue gun
Directions -
  • select your styrofoam balls or wad newspaper into balls the size you want your apples to be
  • cut strips of fabric so they reach from the top of your ball, down, around and back to meet at the top and glue in place, slightly overlapping each strip until your apple is covered.
  • cut burlap into a leaf and glue at the top
  • glue a length of unrolled p aper ribbon or a stick at the top for a stem
  • enjoy!
This is a simple and fun project for your grandchildren to make! Help them make a whole bushel of apples and then give some to neighbors and or shut-ins you know to brighten their day! Have fun!

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