Sunday, August 6, 2023

It is National Root Beer Float Day!

It is National Root Beer Float Day - absolutely a day to celebrate for sure! So, let's look at some Root Beer Float fun facts . . .

  • Although the root beer float has gotten around since its creation, this staple summer dessert is almost exclusively a North American treat.
  • A drink called small beer was the predecessor of root beer, and it was favored by both George Washington and Benjamin Franklin.
  • There is a drink called the reverse root beer float, which is made with root beer ice cream and vanilla soda.
  • Check this link for more fun facts and for some great ideas for unique ways to fix root beer floats.
So, how might you celebrate National Root Beer Float Day? Consider the following . . . 
  • Gather the ones you love and the supplies - ice cream and root beer - and make floats . . . of course eat them!
  • Visit A&W as today you are able to get a root beer float for free! Check this link for details.
  • Take photos because, why not!

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