Sunday, August 13, 2023

It is National Smile Week!

It is National Smile Week! Smiling is important for many reasons, look at some of the benefits from smiling  -

  • reduces your blood pressure 
  • increases your endurance 
  • reduces pain 
  • reduces stress 
  • strengthens your immune system 
  • makes others smile as well!
  • Clearly choosing to smile is a central part of celebrating National Smile Week, but how else might you celebrate this special week? Consider the following ideas from National Smile Week Activities and Registry Partners . . . 

    • Random Acts of Kindness - when you are kind to someone, they typically smile, so making others smile will certainly make you smile as well!
    • Have a smiling and laughing contest - see who can make the silliest smile or longest laugh!
    • Take pictures - again go for the funniest smiles, the smallest smiles, the biggest smiles, the silliest smiles - take lots of photos!
    • Create a list of things which make you smile - write them on sticky notes and put where you will see them.
    • Put photos in your home which remind you of things which make you happy and of happy times/places you have been.
    While National Smile Week started to focus on dental health, smiles benefit so many part of our lives, so make this a week where you focus on smiling - and helping others do the same!

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