Saturday, August 5, 2023

It is Sandcastle Day!

Today is Sandcastle Day! According to "Sandcastle Day was created to remind us of the pleasure that a bit of sand, water, and sunlight can provide us in the summertime." Today is a great day to build a sandcastle, but first, let's look at a few sandcastle fun facts . . . 

  • The physics of sandcastles and what makes them stand strong and solid certainly is intriguing!  It even intrigues NASA. NASA has sent samples of sand aboard spacecraft on three missions to study its properties in the absence of gravity (attracting force between two objects).
  • Sandcastles are built from grains -- billions of tiny sharp-edged particles that rub and tumble together.
  • Damp sand sticks together because water forms little grain-to-grain bridges.
  • Kids love to make sandcastles by letting watery, goopy sand drip from their fingertips, solidifying in place to form odd-looking stalagmites. 
You will find more fun sandcastle facts at this link.

Be sure to check this link for some fun facts about sand, such as, did you know sand comes in a variety of colors?

So, grab the children you love, head to a near-by beach (or a sandbox in your yard), be sure to get some shovels and buckets and get ready for some sandcastle building fun on Sandcastle Day! Oh yes, be certain you bring a camera so long after the sandcastle washes away, you have photos to remember it all.

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