Tuesday, August 29, 2023

Today is National Lemon Juice Day!

Yes, today is National Lemon Juice Day, so why might we celebrate lemon juice and what is special about lemons? Let's start with some lemon fun facts, did you know . . . 

  • Lemons are a cross between a citron and a sour orange.
  • They are classified as hesperidia, which are technically a type of berry.
  • Egyptians once believed that eating lemons offered protection from several forms of poison.
  • Columbus brought lemon seeds to the Americas in 1493.
  • Lemon juice is naturally antibacterial.
  • Lemons are the only food in the world that are anionic, which means they possess a negatively charged ion.
  • Lemons were once so treasured and rare that royalty would present them to one another as gifts of goodwill.
You will find more interesting lemon facts at this link.

So, clearly lemons are an amazing berry (I never knew they were a berry), but why should we celebrate them? Days of the Year says; "National Lemon Juice Day is celebrated once per year, and gives everyone in the world a chance to experience the wonders that lemon juice can do. While this is available every day of the year, there isn’t anything quite like having one whole day dedicated to a product for everyone to get their hands on it and use it in a variety of different ways."

Well, then, why not! Grab your family and some lemons, make lemonade, lemon pie, lemon chicken, or whatever sounds tasty to you and enjoy National Lemon Juice Day!

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