Thursday, August 31, 2023

Today is National Zoo Awareness Day!

Today is National Zoo Awareness Day! John Ball Zoo is the closest zoo to where I live, and if you live near Grand Rapids Michigan I can not recommend it strongly enough as it is fantastic! I wrote a few weeks ago about a recent visit to John Ball Zoo with my grandsons - you will find it at this link. But if you do not live near this zoo, make time to visit whichever zoo is closest to you - and take the children you love with you!

Ethical zoos are a fantastic place to go to see animals, but more importantly, to learn about them and how we are able to help protect animals. I love visits to the zoo - where else will I see in person actual, real pygmy hippos, red pandas, tigers, lions, and so many more amazing animals? So, on this National Day of Zoo Awareness, celebrate your local zoo - and consider zoo memberships as they are about so much more than just being able to go to the zoo as the membership fees allow zoos to care for the animals and contribute to organizations which protect these amazing animals.

Learn more about Zoo Awareness Day at this link.

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