Tuesday, September 12, 2023

Duck! - Book Review


There are many excellent storybooks available for children to enjoy - the one I'm "re-sharing" with you today was sent to me a few years ago by Candlewick Press and I am extremely happy to to remind you of it again today! It is absolutely a book you will want to have in your own library - and give to your grandchildren as well.

Author - Meg McKinlay
Illustrator - Nathaniel Eckstrom
Publisher - Candlewick Press
Ages - 5-9 . . . but trust me, everyone will love this book!

Favorite Features -
  • Fun, funny, colorful and engaging illustrations - look for the details!
  • Story with an ending which will actually take you by surprise (I did not expect it) and will leave you actually laughing out loud (I did!)
  • This book is sure to be a much-asked-for-book at your house, get ready to read it a lot. But you won't mind as you are going to love this book, too!
Candlewick Press says; "In this funny nod to Chicken Little, a quiet afternoon on the farm might be the scene of a barnyard disaster waiting to happen. When Duck runs around the farm shouting 
'DUCK!' to the other animals, they grow exasperated as they haughtily explain to Duck which animal is which." Clearly a horse, a cow, a pig, and a sheep are NOT ducks - you might think a duck would obviously know this fact.

I shortened Candlewick Press' description as I do not want to spoil the fun of the ending for you. I found DUCK! to be one absolutely fun book - everything about this story is perfect - the illustrations fit the story perfectly, the story builds perfectly, and the ending is perfectly and unexpectedly wonderful! Definitely add DUCK! to your bookshelf!

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