Sunday, September 24, 2023

Jambo Books - I Highly Recommend These Books

I was invited to review a few books from Jambo Books, which I shared with you last week. Today I want to tell you about Jambo Books - it was started by Runako and Mijha, parents of two young girls. They "believe the stories we tell our kids matter, and from their youngest years, children learn who and what we value. We continually reinforce this conception with the stories we tell them and the characters in those stories.

Jambo Book Club believes it is important for children to read stories about children who look like them, as well as their neighbors who do not look like them, and are dedicated to ensuring children learn all people are important, and all people belong. 

Jambo Book Club believes through stories for children, we help create a better world."

Jambo Books gives you the opportunity to receive two or three books in each shipment which are age-appropriate books and feature children of color as the stars of their own stories in situations where children’s literature rarely places them – making friends, raising pets, loving grandparents, and fighting dragons.

To join Jambo Books, follow this link, provide info as to the age of your grandchildren/children, and the things which interest them, then each month they will receive a beautiful box with new stories to capture their imagination and which show children from all races as the characters.

I love the books I received for review, and found these books to be beautiful, of excellent quality, and with stories children will connect to, be encouraged by, and delighted with. Most importantly, these books have illustrations which show children of color as characters in the stories . . . the books I had as a child did not. All children will benefit from these books - I highly recommend Jambo Books!

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