Saturday, September 30, 2023

My Promise

My grandsons have me thinking about how quickly they are growing up and what truly matters. I may not be able to take my sweet grandsons to fancy places. I may not be able to buy these dear boys the newest, coolest, and most awesome toys and gadgets. I may not be able to give them every thing they may want, but I absolutely will be sure the words I say fill their hearts with joy and remind them how ever so much they are loved! 

I will always put aside my computer and give them a hug (after all, a grandma's lap is not a place for a computer; it is a place for a grandson - and when they grow too big for a lap, a hug is still a fantastic thing)! 

I will always greet these three gifts from the hand of God with a smile on my face, in my eyes, and filling my heart! 

I will be certain to be generous with the words, "I love you; forever and for always!" and most importantly; I will be absolutely certain these three boys who fill my heart with love and make it so very happy, know as much as their grandma loves them . . . and it is a whole lot; God loves them even more! (And now, they are several years older, these things are even more important.)

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