Wednesday, September 20, 2023

New Glasses from Zenni

Many of us wear glasses. I do. Each year after my yearly dr visit, I returned home to order my new glasses on-line from Zenni. If you have never heard of Zenni before and you or anyone in your family wears glasses, please take a minute to check their site  as they have some of the most wonderful designs, styles, and options at prices you will not believe!

While there are several designs I love, I ordered this spot design for the following reasons - first, I love the fun design! These glasses are NOT boring - they are pretty and fun! Second it is a browline shape and I personally really like this look. Thirdly, I was able to order these glasses, with progressive lenses, Blokz (blue-blocker), and AR Anti-Reflection Coating  Premium oil and fingerprint resistant (Oleophobic) all for a total of just $83.90 - and I had a $15.00 discount, so with shipping my total came to only $73.85! 

My glasses look even better in person and pretty much every place I go people tell me how much they love my glasses. My grandsons have heard me tell about this and one time my youngest grandson was with me at the cafe at Frederik Meijer Gardens when the lady behind the counter told me how much she loved my glasses. His eyes got big and he said, "People really do say that!"

I love my Zenni glasses - and highly recommend Zenni for you to check out when you - or someone you love - needs a new pair of glasses.

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