Thursday, September 14, 2023

"Thank You, God, for our World, so we do not Float Away!"

Today I am remembering a number of years ago when I was getting my then five year old grandson into bed he wanted to pray to thank God for his day. He said, "Thank You God for Caleb, Shane, Mom, Dad, Poppa, and Grandma and thank You for loving us! Amen."

I told him it is wonderful to thank God for the people we love, but if I always only said the same words to him when I talked to him, would he like it. He thought for a moment and said he would not really like that, so, then he said, "And thank You God for giving us a world to live on so we do not float away!" Probably one of the most "unique" "Thank You's" to God I have ever heard! It made me smile - and I suspect it put a smile on God's face, too! 

There are so many things as grandparents which we want our grandchildren to learn, but for me, one of the "biggies" is for these three sweet boys to know without a doubt how very much God loves them and they can love Him back!

I was very happy my grandsons were thankful for God's love, their family, and for the world we live on so we do not, "float away!" Now as they are older we continue to focus upon being thankful - before each meal at my house we share the things for which we are thankful - they are thankful for many things and so am I - including sweet memories! 

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