Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Wonderful Me - I Love All of Me - from Jambo Books

Jambo Books sent me several of their books for review a couple years ago and today I am happy to let you know about one of these books . . . a beautiful padded board book by Lorie-Ann Grover, Illustrated by Carolina Buxio - I Love all of me!

Favorite Features -

  • Illustrations are fantastic! I love the happy children of all races on the pages of this book - children will identify with the text and illustrations!
  • I love the text - from wiggle toes to, arms that squeeze, and a waggle rump, children will see they are able to love "all of me!
  • This book encourages grandparents/parents to connect with the children they love as they read - certainly when you read about wiggle toes, it makes sense to have the children you love show how they are able to wiggle their lovable toes, too!
I Love all of me! is published by Scholastic and they say; "What do you love about you? Find out in this sweet padded storybook full of wonder and love!

I love my wiggle toes. I love my smelly nose! From head to toe, there's so much to love about wild, wonderful you! With charming illustrations and a sweet, bouncy text which begs to be read aloud, this padded board book is a joyous reminder to little ones to love their whole selves -- just as they are. A glorious celebration of self-esteem full of humor, love, and heart. Wonderful Me: Books that celebrate the milestone emotional and social moments of little ones of today!"

I love this book - Jambo Books did a fantastic job when they chose I Love all of me! to be part of their book selection. Not only is it a fantastic book, but it also shows how you are able to order books from them with confidence as it has everything you want in a book - fantastic illustrations, strong message, and the ability to engage the children you love with the story. Well done Jambo Books!

Check out Jambo Books at this link - and feel confident about subscribing so the children you love are able to enjoy excellent books like I Love all of me! each month!

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