Tuesday, October 31, 2023

Christmas Resources Which Make a Difference - the Single Parent Confident & Successful


Today I am happy to recommend a book written by a dear friend for you to consider adding to your own intentional grandparenting resource "tool kit" and for you to give as a gift for Christmas to the ones you love. Today's book, the single parent: confident and successful is written by Linda Ranson Jacobs and while it was specifically written for single parents/grandparents, it is filled with wisdom about handing down confident faith making the single parent: confident and successful a great gift for any and all parents and grandparents - single or not.

the single parent: confident and successful is a great gift for your single parent sons/daughters, grandparents, the parents and grandparents on your list, friends and for your church leaders. Powerful, eye-opening, encouraging, wise, practical; I could go on, but all of these accurately describe the single parent: confident and successful

This is absolutely a book you will want to read, and take to heart whether you are a single parent/grandparent, or not. I love how Linda wove Bible truth throughout each chapter and showed how God cares about single parents by sharing true accounts from the Bible about single parents.

Look what people are saying about the single parent: confident and successful . . .
" Can you find hope and joy while parenting alone? Absolutely! Linda Jacobs is a leading expert on single parenting because she's been a single mother herself and she's helped countless others who are on that journey. This book is a rich resource that will help you and your kids."
Steve Grissom, founder, Church Initiative (DivorceCare, DC4K, Single & Parenting, GriefShare)
"God's Word has so much to say to single parents, and Lind Jacobs will connect the dots for you. With practical, Biblical, encouraging advice from a parent who has 'been there, done that', this book will comfort your heart and empower your parenting journey. Read it and give one to a friend."
Ron Deal, family author, speaker and therapist, 
bestselling author of The Smart Stepfamily and Dating and the Single Parent

As you make up your Christmas gift list and look for resources to help equip you to hand down confident faith, definitely give serious consideration to the single parent: confident and successful.

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