Sunday, October 8, 2023

crafting with grandma - Bell Candy Cane Ornaments!

My grandsons participated in my church's mid-week Children's Ministry pre-covid when they were younger, and they made ornaments for each of their teachers. One year they made, melting snowmen ornaments - white glitter in a clear glass ornament with a felt triangle for a nose, two tiny black pom-poms for eyes and stick arms - very cute and a lot of fun to make and receive!

The following year the boys made candy canes out of bells and chenille wire! They had such fun making these ornaments - even my youngest grandsons caught on very quickly and was stringing bells left and right! He loved being able to make the ornaments for his teachers. He wrapped each ornament in tissue and placed in a paper bag on which we traced his handprint with glitter crayons. When he gave his teachers their gifts, he opened them and handed the ornaments to his teachers! He took it very seriously!

I know Christmas is still two months away, but trees will start going up in a month so if you want to make this with the children you love, you will have time to get the supplies and arrange a time to get together - or send to grands who live far and plan to connect on-line. This is an ornament which will look really great on your tree and is so simple, even three-year olds can really make them! All you need is chenille wire - I cut each in half - make a "knot" at one end to keep the bells on the ornament, then string two white (silver) bells, two red bells, two white (silver) bells, etc until you get to the other end of the wire. Wrap the end of the wire behind your last bell to secure the end and cut a length of ribbon. Fold the ribbon in half and an inch from the end, tie a knot to make a loop for hanging on the tree. Hold your string of bells and fold the top a bit to make the "crook" for your candy cane; use the inch of the ends to tie behind the bells where your "crook" forms and voila'! You have a bell candy cane ornament!

This is a simple and fun ornament which your grandchildren can make with minimal help and then give to teachers, parents, neighbors . . . to anyone they want to give a small gift to this Christmas!


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