Wednesday, October 18, 2023

crafting with grandma - Polka-Dot Purse!

If you have been reading grandma's cookie jar for awhile, you have likely noticed I crochet a bit from time to time! I made a purse . . . this one with Polka-Dots . . . they seemed like a fun way to give a purse a unique and cheerful look!

I crocheted the dots and then fastened them together. I crocheted an inner purse because with the purse being crocheted, I want to be sure I won't lose anything through a stitch! I put the inner purse inside the polka-dot outer purse and crocheted them together. I added a few more rows, crocheted a handle and fastened the flap; which I also crocheted a liner for it as well. It was all quite simple and just took a couple days. 

This is a pretty simple and straight-forward plan to make a purse; one which would be easy to teach a granddaughter . . . if you have a granddaughter who wants to learn to crochet, have her try this pattern and make a purse for herself . . . she could do this for Christmas by making purses for some of the people on her gift list!

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