Tuesday, October 24, 2023

"Don't be afraid grandma. Just think of dogs and us instead."

One thing we always do with the children we love from the time they are born is comfort them, encourage them, show love and kindness to them. As they grow up we are able to see how they took this comfort, encouragement, love, and kindness they received and incorporate it into the way they respond to others. Today I want to share with you one of the times I was able to see and experience this with my grandsons.

Four years ago we were all going somewhere in our car. When we arrived, I saw a big spider was next to me on the door of the car! Of course I screamed. My grandsons all had to come and see it and then my youngest grandson, who was six at the time said, "Don't be afraid grandma. Just think of dogs and us instead." 

Comfort, encouragement, love, kindness - and humor! I felt much better and remembering it puts a smile on my face today and starts my day in the most wonderful way!

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