Thursday, October 26, 2023

Live an Extraordinary Life & Impact Those Who Come Behind You

What does it mean to "live an extraordinary life"? Does this mean you have to do "big" things and be known by many? Does what we say and do matter to the generations which come behind us? A few years ago I learned some interesting and wonderful things about my great grandpa Badgerow. He was orphaned the day before his 11th birthday, raised by his sisters, finished the 8th grade and became a small business man - had a grocery store/gas station in the town in which he lived. When the banks were seized by the state of Michigan and ended up taking half of depositor's money in the '30's, he could have lost heart and quit in despair, but he didn't. He extended credit to families and let them get food from his store when they didn't have the money to pay for the food. Years later when he died (at 96 years old) a man came to his funeral and said my great grandpa saved his family's lives by giving them food when they needed it.

So yes! The things we say and do are things which make a difference - now and for generations which follow us. My great grandpa was a soft-spoken man. I remember him as he lived his final years with my grandparents. He was a gentle and kind man who treated people the way he wanted to be treated and who didn't think he lived an extraordinary life - but he most certainly did. I am proud Charles Wesley Badgerow was my great-grandpa. He set an example of compassion, courage, and generosity which I want to, and will, follow. (photo is of him, my great grandma, grandma and great uncle)

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