Saturday, October 14, 2023

Nefarious, the Mad Scientist Game

When I was a child there were a couple things we could always know we would receive for Christmas . . . books, clothes, and at least one board game. Yes, this was "pre-electronic games", but board games were always something we received for Christmas . . . at least for those years we were in elementary school.  Board games were a good way to get us playing together as a family . . . they still are today; even with the popularity of electronic games.

So, today I'm very happy to share with you about a board game from USAopoly, which they sent me for review - this is a game your older grandchildren/children might enjoy.

Nefarious: The Mad Scientist Game!
Made by - USAopoly
Ages - 13+
For 2-6 players

Favorite Features -
  • Strategy game, so while it is fun, it encourages children (and adults) to think, strategize and use their brains!
  • Twist cards change game play which means no two games are exactly the same!
  • Not difficult to learn, but fun to play.
  • Would make a fun gift for birthdays or Children's Day (second Sunday in June) or just for fun.
USAopoly says; "Nefarious The Mad Scientist game is a strategy game by Donald X. Vaccarino. You are a mad scientist attempting to destroy the world. To do so, you must build terrifying inventions which require research, hard work, and espionage. Unfortunately for you, other mad scientists are trying to steal your evil glory by destroying the world first. Overtake your rivals and become the most notorious mad scientist in history!"

I think this game would be great fun for older children and their parents to play together . . . after all, who doesn't enjoy the opportunity to be a mad scientist who creates inventions which allow you to take over the world!!!! 

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