Wednesday, October 4, 2023

October 31st - An Opportunity to Share the Love of Jesus! Don't Waste It!

This post is a repeat - I share it each year in case you did not see it, or want to find it again this year.

Last week I wrote about the "Halloween Dilemma" and how we need to be wise. I wrote about how it gives us the opportunity to have a conversation with our grandchildren about who Jesus is and why the focus on evil and gore at Halloween is not something we want to be part of the things we do this time of year. But, having said this, I do believe Halloween does offer us an unique opportunity to share the love of Jesus with our neighbors and all the children who knock on our doors October 31st.

First of all, what I'm NOT talking about is handing out tracts to children who come to our doors to trick-or-treat.

What I AM talking about is making our houses the best place, the most friendly place, the warmest, and most welcoming place of any where children will possibly visit to trick-or-treat in your neighborhood. "Why???", you ask. Because, when we are kind, generous, and gracious, we are showing Jesus to children and their parents.

A few years ago I read an article about this very thing and I highly recommend taking a few minutes to read through it yourself - you'll find it at this link. The author of this article is correct, in my opinion. October 31st is NOT a holiday for the devil . . . he does not get any holidays. It is however; an opportunity for us to be a positive influence on those who live around us. An opportunity which we should not waste.

As I wrote earlier this month, when my children were young, we "skipped" Halloween and held "Family Night" instead. If I had read this article when they were young, I would have made my house the best place any child could stop at on their night of trick-or-treating! 

While I will NOT decorate with spiders, gore, spiders, evil, spiders, scary things, spiders, etc . . . (did I mention spiders???), my house will be available as a safe and welcoming place where parents are able to trick-or-treat with their children. Yes, I will have conversations with my grandsons about Halloween, what people tend to "celebrate", and what the truth really is, but my light will be on at my front door. I will have excellent - and abundant - items to give to any who trick-or-treat at my house. They will be greeted with a smile. 

If you live in my area - stop by!!! October 31st is an opportunity to show kindness, generosity, and grace . . . an opportunity to show Jesus; one I won't waste.

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