Sunday, October 29, 2023

Please Help Shane Reach His Goal - Thank You!

I am a grandma and I have three grandsons. My youngest grandson is in Cub Scouts and is selling popcorn. He is just $62.00 from his goal of selling $2000.00 of popcorn this year - might you be willing to help him? He says if you do, you will be helping him, and getting a tasty treat for yourself - a wonderful thing for everyone!

If you are willing to help by buying popcorn, you will need to just follow this link and order from it and then it will credit him. Shane HIGHLY recommends the smores popcorn, sweet & salty kettle popcorn, and cheddar popcorn, although he says there are many tasty options for sure!

I know the prices seem a bit "high", but the money is to help the Cub Scouts, so you are getting quality treats AND helping the Scouts.

So, if you are willing to help a wonderful Cub Scout (I say this because I am his grandma, but not ONLY because I am his grandma as he is a truly wonderful young man), then please order something from this link. Shane (and I) say Thank you!

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