Thursday, October 5, 2023

Remember - They Are Listening!

A few years ago when my youngest grandson was four, he wanted to know if he would be able to breathe on Venus - if he ever went there. His poppa told him there was no oxygen on Venus, so our grandson said, "I will have to bring a potted tree with me so I will have oxygen to breathe." Then he said, "Well, maybe 100 potted trees so I will have lots of oxygen." Yes, he was four.

The children we love actually do pay attention to the things which are said around them, they are listening - even when we think they do not. We had been having a conversation with his older brothers about space, and he had been listening.

So, have conversations with the children you love, but keep in mind they will be listening - and be sure to pay attention because sometimes they will say things which will brighten your day - and bring a smile to your face then, and years later as well!

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