Friday, October 20, 2023

UNO Dare & Leave Them Laughing

A couple years ago my husband, myself, and our grandsons were introduced to a "new" game; UNO Dare. The "Uno" part of it was not new, but the "Dare" part was . . . and is absolutely a lot of fun!

You play the game the same way as Uno, except when you are given a "draw" card, you are able to choose to instead do a "dare". These dares are so much fun . . . do the chicken dance, talk like a pirate, walk like a robot, hold absolutely still until your next turn, say "hip-pity hop" at the end of every sentence until your next turn, etc. The dares leave you - and everyone with whom you are playing - laughing, a lot, and puts so much additional fun into the game of Uno.

We bought two decks - one to use at our house and one to send home with our grandsons, so they are able to play at home with their parents. I highly recommend this game - I want my grandsons to remember they laughed, a lot, when they were at our house and with UNO Dare there is lots of laughing. So far the consensus of my grandsons is my "talk like a diva" is annoying (which it should be), my talk like a favorite cartoon character - in my case Winnie the Pooh - was "amazing and so funny" and my "dance your best moves", absolutely was not very good dance moves!

We are having so much fun and I am quite certain my grandsons will have wonderful memories of laughing at my house.

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