Friday, October 27, 2023

What Do Your Grands Call You?

What do your grandchildren call you? Are you, Grandma, Nana, Memaw, or something entirely unique? A friend told me his grandchildren called their grandma, "G-Money" - they didn't know why, and a reader once told me when her grandchildren were little they called her, "Dave" - again, no one knew why! When my grandsons were little they called me, “Ga” - I loved being “Ga”! Now they call me, Grandma or Grandmother and I love them, too!

If you lived in another country (or have another country in your heritage) you might be called . . .
* Afrikkans: Ouma
* Cherokee - E-Ni-Si
* Chinese: NaiNai
◦ French: Grandmere
◦ German: Oma
◦ Greek: YaYa
◦ Hawaiian: Tutu
◦ Italian: Nonna
◦ Japanese: Oba-chan
◦ Ojibway - Nookmis, Nookomis
◦ Russian: Babushka
◦ Spanish: Abuela
◦ Yiddish: Bubbe
So . . . what do your grandchildren call you?

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