Saturday, November 11, 2023

Cozy Christmas Gift - Shutterfly Fleece Photo Blanket

A few years ago I had the opportunity to review something warm and wonderful from Shutterfly - their fleece blanket! Just being a fleece blanket - since I live in the chilly state of Michigan (it is 30 outside right now), is enough reason to think of it as, "warm and wonderful", but since it is from Shutterfly, this means there is at least one photo on it of people I love . . . and in this case, there are 6 photos on it! Yes, it absolutely is wonderful and makes a fantastic gift, so I thought I'd share it with you again today!

Shutterfly 50x60 Sherpa Fleece Photo Blanket
From - Shutterfly

Favorite Features -

  • Shutterfly offers this blanket in 70 different designs - you add your own photos for a unique blanket! I do suggest choosing a design which does not have photos on the edges of the blanket - this way you will be certain the photos will not arrive with parts of the people cut off - or at least photos with a LOT of space around the people.
  • The design I chose allowed me to use 6 photos.
  • Easy to choose the photos you want and place them in the locations where you want them on the blanket you choose.
  • Arrived in just a week.
  • The photos are bright and full of color, the blanket is soft - what could be better!
Shutterfly says; "Wrap yourself or special someone in favorite memories on a cozy fleece. Soft Microfiber Fleece. Machine wash, tumble dry low. For extra warmth and softness try our Plush fleece or wrap yourself in our premium, luxe Sherpa blanket. Arrives tied in ribbon and ready to gift."

I am absolutely thrilled with my photo blanket - it is soft, warm, looks wonderful and I love how the photos turned out on this blanket! I have it in my living room where it is handy whenever I am chilled . . . pretty much all the time from October through April, after all, I do live in Michigan! If you are looking for a special, personalized, and cozy gift, check out Shutterfly~

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