Monday, November 6, 2023

Fun Craft for Little Ones

I'm always looking for crafts younger children are able to make . . . I am delighted to share with you a really simple and fun craft for a place mat using Duck Tape, plastic zippy bags and your own designs, photos or treasures!

Supplies -
  • Duck Tape
  • zippy bags - six per place mat
  • paper
  • crayons/markers
  • photos
  • stickers
  • ???? :^)
Directions -
  • Determine what you want to put in each zippy bag - remember, you will have two sides for each bag. You can draw pictures, use cards, photos, stickers, any flat "treasure", glitter, sequins . . . whatever you like!
  • Seal each item you want in your bag - be sure to press out the air so it will lay flat.
  • Trim the extra plastic above the zip seal on each bag to just above the "zipper".
  • Determine what order you want your bags then place them so you have two "rows" of three.
  • Tape bags together then tape around edges (I found this pattern at the following link - they have photo directions)
  • Voila! you have a unique place mat!
You could help your grandchildren make their own designs and then help them wrap them to give as Christmas gifts! As you make these place mats with your grandchildren, talk with them about who they are making them for and then lead your grandchildren in praying for the recipients! Have fun making these place mats!

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