Tuesday, November 7, 2023

Inspire Cartwheels in Their Hearts

When my middle grandson was almost-seven-years-old (five years ago) he learned to do cartwheels - he had such joy when he was "cartwheeling" across the yard! Joy, absolute joy! 

So, when I read this quote from Mr. Rogers about inspiring cartwheels in my grandson's hearts, I have a very definite picture of what this looks like!

I want to inspire joyful cartwheels in my grandsons' hearts and believe I am able to do so by praying for and with them, celebrating with them, encouraging them, laughing with them, playing with them, by letting them hear the reasons we are thankful for them - by loving them with my all. When I do these things, they have "cartwheels in their hearts".

I am being intentional about speaking words which challenge and encourage them - and build them up. For example on their sleepover this past weekend, I told them how thankful I was for their kind hearts and when they chose to be kind with their words and actions, they are able to make the world a better place - for them and for others. I told them I knew they were able to do this! This is a simple way to build them up and encourage them at the same time.

When you spend time with your grandchildren in the coming months, or connect on-line if they live far, be sure to take advantage of opportunities to inspire those "cartwheels" in their hearts with those opportunities which just come along as well as times you plan. This is part of what it looks like to make a difference in their lives and it matters!

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