Friday, November 3, 2023

My Stew Recipe for Cold Fall and Winter Evenings

I live in West Michigan. Not far from my home (about 30 miles) they received nine inches of snow on October 31st! We received a dusting of snow, but it has been chilly out for sure! So, of course, it is the perfect time to bring out my InstantPot and make a tasty stew - and I am happy to share my recipe with you - gather the ingredients and get ready for a very tasty stew for sure!

You will need . . .

  • An InstantPot. If you do not have one you could use a slow-cooker or dutch oven, but adjust your cooking times accordingly.
  • A beef roast - I use a sirloin beef roast, but sometimes I use pork loin and it makes a fantastic stew as well!
  • One sweet onion - cut it into pieces and put in the bottom of your InstantPot.
  • Six to ten potatoes - I usually use red, white, or yellow potatoes and it depends on their size how many I use. Cut into about 1 to 2 inch cubes and put on top of the onion.
  • Carrots - cut into one inch pieces and add on top of the potatoes - I usually use three or four carrots depending on the size.
  • Add beef broth - about 1 to 1 1/2 cups.
  • This is where you add your first layer of seasoning - I use about two teaspoons of pink salt, two teaspoons of garlic, two teaspoons of pepper, and two teaspoons of granulated onion.
  • Take your beef - or pork - roast, make several cuts from top to bottom and side to side - you do not have to cut into pieces.
  • Add more seasoning - I add more of the salt, pepper, garlic,  onion, and sage - probably about one teaspoon of each.
  • Now is the time you add the secret ingredient - peel, core and dice an apple - this will add SO much flavor!
  • Cover with the lid and cook for one hour. Remember, it will take about 15 minutes or so for the heat/pressure to build up before it begins to cook.
  • Relax or do whatever you like for the next two hours - your home will be filled with the fragrance of stew!
  • After it is finished cooking and the steam has escaped (about another 20 to 30 minutes) add your roux - take 1/4 cup olive oil, add more seasoning of your choice - I usually add about 1 teaspoon of pink salt, pepper, sage, granulated onion, and herbs de provence - and 1/2 cup gluten free flour then combine and stir to thicken. If you use regular flour you may only need about 1/4 to 1/3 cup of flour.
  • When the steam has escaped your InstantPot, add the roux and stir.
  • Add one package of butternut squash which you prepared in the microwave according to directions on the package and 1/2 bag of frozen peas.
  • Stir, cover, let sit a few minutes and gather the family . . . enjoy!
As wonderful as this stew is the first time, leftovers are AMAZING!
Since the recipe uses lots of veggies and olive oil to make the roux, this is actually a reasonably healthy stew - enjoy!

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