Wednesday, November 15, 2023

What Do You Do & a Thankful Thanksgiving Tablecloth

A week from tomorrow I'll be fixing my turkey for Thanksgiving dinner. I'm getting a smoked turkey this year, plan to cut it up and put it in my instant pot with sliced apples and herbs to make it extra tasty, and then use my instant pot to heat the turkey so it is tasty and tender for dinner. I love the flavor apples add to the turkey . . . and the gravy!

What do you do to make your turkey extra tasty?If you are looking for something special you could do for your Thanksgiving - and still pull off at with a week to go, consider trying my Thankful Thanksgiving Tablecloth. All you need is a white tablecloth and permanent ink pens. At some point in your meal (I usually do this after dinner) hand out the markers and let everyone draw or write about something for which they are thankful. Be sure to date (and write what the little ones drew/scribbled, so in following years you will know what it was for which they were thankful!) If you are planning to try this with your family, be sure to put something between the table and your Thankful Thanksgiving Tablecloth, so the ink from the pens does not soak through to your table! Use waxed paper, newspaper or plastic, but be sure to put something there to protect your table top!

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