Wednesday, February 21, 2024

crafting with grandma - Purple Minions

Several years ago when my grandsons were younger I crocheted purple minions for them - the previous year I crocheted Perry the Platypus' for each of them. I thought I'd show you a photo and give you a link to the pattern in case you want to make one . . . maybe for a birthday, Easter, or even Children's Day - which is a real holiday and is the second Sunday in June; you have plenty of time to make them by then if you want to!

Follow this link and you'll find the pattern for yellow minions - I adapted by using purple yarn, adding eye lids, making the arms longer, giving the minions grey overalls, adding the chin with teeth and lots of crazy hair! These are really simple "tweaks" and the end result is a purple minion!

Do you have any sweet fans of purple minions?

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