Sunday, March 31, 2024

It Just Takes a Few Simple Words

One time, a few years ago, when my grandsons were at my house, my then six-year-old grandson was talking  when I told him something which had a huge impact on him. I looked at him and said; “Do you know why I know God loves me?

He looked at me and said; "Because of Heaven."

I smiled at him and responded; "Yes, being able to one day go to Heaven is one way I know God loves me, but do you know another reason I know He loves me?"

He thought for a moment and shook his head.

I smiled, looked into his twinkly, blue eyes and said; “Because He gave you to me!

My grandson’s eyes got big, he smiled the biggest smile I’ve ever seen on his sweet face and he hugged me with one of his own, very big hugs.

Yes, this simple conversation helped my grandson understand how big his grandma’s love is for him, and made him one extremely happy boy. I then told him as much as I loved him, God loved him even more. 

Once again his eyes got very big, he smiled one of his biggest smiles ever and he said; "Then God must love me an awful lot!"

To which I said; "Oh yes! God loves you with the biggest love ever!"

It does not take a lot to communicate love to our grandchildren, family, and friends . . . sometimes it is just a few simple words!

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