Wednesday, May 15, 2024

The 4N1 from Miracle Mobility - the Flexible Option Which Gets Attention!

I recently was at the store with my husband and while I waited for him a woman came over to me and started asking questions about my 4N1 - which I was using. She said she had never been anywhere where she saw anything like it before and thought it would something she would absolutely use. I told her I loved the flexibility it provides - on days when I'm more mobile, I am able to walk with it and use it like a rollator. On days like this day when my knee is extremely sore, I am able to use it as an motorized chair.

I often have people ask me about my 4N1 when I am out and about - and they typically say they have never seen anything like it! If you, or someone you love, needs help with their mobility - but do not always need a motorized chair, check out the 4N1 from Miracle Mobility - it is likely to be the exact thing you/they are looking for! You will find more information about the 4N1 at this link.

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