Saturday, July 6, 2024

Summer Reading - Harriet's Reflections

For several weeks I have had the delight to share with you some wonderful books which you could get the children you love to encourage Summer Reading. As I've written, when you surround children with books from their youngest ages and invest time in reading to and with them, they learn to talk sooner, develop a larger vocabulary, begin to read on their own sooner, and do better in school. Reading is essential, so today I'm very happy to share with you another wonderful book - this time from Eerdmans Books for Young Readers - Harriet's Reflections by Marion Kadi.

Favorite Features -

  • I LOVE the illustrations - full of color, detail, and fun! Be sure to talk with the children you love about all the amazing things you see and notice in the illustrations.
  • I ADORE the story of how young Harriet finds a way to be herself and her "new" self as the reflection of the lion becomes part of her.
  • This is a powerful story with an essential message for young children to learn - being yourself and also being bold!
Eerdmans Books for Young Readers says, "An imaginative tale about a rambunctious lion's reflection and the fierce little girl he decides to mirror.

One day the reflection of a lion decides to reflect someone different. He picks a little girl named Harriet, who eagerly accepts the new face staring back at her. Harriet loves how ferocious she is now at school: she’s not afraid to speak up in class, and she can romp around the playground like a wild beast. But soon Harriet starts to miss the reflection she had before, the one who looked like her. Can Harriet find a way to balance her old reflection and her new one? 

This whimsical story explores themes of confidence and identity with colorful illustrations and a sly sense of humor. Delightful and unconventional, Harriet’s Reflections is the perfect read-aloud for anyone who’s ever wondered about the face on the other side of the mirror—and what they might do next."

I loved Harriet's Reflections - it is such a fun and unexpected story and the colorful, detailed illustrations add so much to the fun! If you are looking for a book which will help the children you love learn to be themselves and to be "bold" at times, too, Harriet's Reflections is a great choice!

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