Monday, July 8, 2024

Summer Reading - Water: Discovering the Precious Resource All Around Us

Do you have children you love who enjoy science and learning about the world around them? If so, then my last book from Eerdmans Books for Young Readers is a book they will find to be fascinating! Water: Discovering the Precious Resource All Around Us by Olga Fadeeva and Illustrated by Lena Traer is a book my grandsons will enjoy - they love sciency things and learning about the world around us.

Favorite Features -

  • I love the illustrations in this book - filled with color and detail, these illustrations are works of art and make this a truly beautiful book!
  • From the moment you open this book you will find information and facts about water - even inside the covers!
  • Informative and interesting - this is a book to "dive" into and enjoy as the children you love - and yourself as well - learn so much about water.
Eerdmans Books for Young Readers says, "A curiosity-sparking book about water in rainstorms, the Great Lakes, the drip from our taps, and other places in our world. Water is everywhere, and we rely on it every single day. But do you ever wonder about water? How much water is on our planet? What happens when there is too much water or too little water? Why does it rain? What are lakes, rivers, seas, and oceans? Why are the seas and oceans blue and salty? What lives underwater? What about water in human history—how did people get water in ancient times? How do we get water today? What do humans build to travel on the water, and how have we harnessed waterpower? How do we protect this amazing resource for the future? 

Gorgeous and informative, Water invites children to tour through science and history with two characters they may recognize from Wind: Discovering Air in Motion. Colorful acrylic art and energetic text help readers learn about the natural resource we have depended on since the beginning of life itself."

Water: Discovering the Precious Resource All Around Us is a book which will encourage and challenge the children you love to think and to learn about something with which they are familiar - water. Extremely interesting and informative, this is a book for the young scientist in your family - and for those who enjoy learning new things about things with which they are familiar!

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