Tuesday, June 4, 2024

crafting with grandma - Father's Day Photo of Love!

If you are looking for ideas, other than a tie :-), which you could help your grandchild   give to their dad for Father's Day, check this wonderful idea I found on Pinterest for more than just a photo . . . a Photo of Love!!!

Monday, June 3, 2024

A Family of Her Own for Candy - Great Story to Encourage Reading in the Summer


Two summers ago my husband, grandsons, and I went to the Humane Society to get a kitten. I wanted my grandsons to go with us because, first of all, they love all animals, secondly I wanted to be sure whatever cat we got was one which was able to be around my grandsons without being aggressive. We spent some time at the Humane Society and finally settled on a very sweet calico - which we named Candy, because she is sweet (and my middle grandson said she reminded him of candy corn.) 

crafting with grandma - Special Photo for Dad!

Father's Day is June 16th, so if you are looking for a great craft idea which you can do with your grandchildren for their dad, check this idea I found on PinterestAll you need for a special photo with your grandchildren, is their feet, a marker or paint, and a camera . . . plus a fair amount of patience!!! Write on your grandchildren's feet, "We <3 Dad" and have them sit with the bottoms of their feet in front of them. Now for the tricky part! Try to get them all to look at you and smile at the same time! Take the photo and then . . . 

Sunday, June 2, 2024

The Life on the Goldilocks Planet Books are Available in Print and as Kindle ebooks!


From time to time I post about my Life on the Goldilocks Planet books as they make fantastic books for the entire family to enjoy. Today I am very happy to let you know while you are able to get these books as paperback books, the entire series is also available as Kindle ebooks on Amazon!

Since I am older, I enjoy books in their printed form, but I know many people really like being able to get their books in a digital format, so if this is how you, or someone you love enjoys books, you are able to get the Life on the Goldilocks Planet books in their very portable ebook format!  

These books are interesting, fun, engaging, and fantastic tools to help you hand down confident faith. I am not the only one who believes these books are an excellent tool to help you hand down confident faith - look what people are saying about it . . . 

crafting with grandma - Summer Fun for Children's Day - Ice Chalk!

Children's Day is on June 9, 2024 . . . so, if you would like to get a "jump start" on making some fun gifts which your grandchildren will enjoy, check this idea I found on Pinterest for Ice Chalk!!! Follow this link (which is where I got this photo) and you'll find seven different recipes for making Ice Chalk - it would be fun to make with your grandchildren, or to surprise them with on Children's Day or throughout the Summer for some cool fun!

Saturday, June 1, 2024

illustrate my own - Known Bible Heroes - Joshua, Caleb, & Hadassah

For the past couple weeks or so I have been letting you know about my illustrate my own Bible Hero books - today I am happy to let you know about the last three Known Bible Hero books - Joshua, Caleb, and Hadassah (you know her as Esther.)

Summer Fun - Lawn Twister!

I remember the game, "Twister" from when I was a child, so when I was browsing on  Pinterest and saw a pin for "Lawn Twister", well, I had to share it with you! All you need is spray paint and something big and round to use as a stencil - this lady used a pizza box lid which she cut a circle. Make plans for the next warm summer day when your grandchildren are over to grab some spray paint, a pizza box lid and get ready for some fun they will remember all their lives! (Don't worry, the paint won't hurt your grass and as it grows and you mow it, it will be gone!)

Friday, May 31, 2024

The Little, Ginormous, Humongous, Hairy, One-Eyed Monster Boys Adventures

What could be a better way to start the summer than with books! So, today I am very happy to let you know about one more book . . .  The Little, Ginormous, Humongous, Hairy, One-Eyed Monster Boys Adventures - and this book has two stories in it, so you get two books in one!

Today is National Utah Day

If you live in Utah, today is a day to celebrate as it is National Utah Day! So, whether you live there or not, let's learn about some of their silly laws and some interesting facts about Utah - share them with the children you love. Did you know . . .

Thursday, May 30, 2024

illustrate my own - Known Bible Heroes - Noah, Hananiah, Mishael & Azariah, and Ruth

You are likely familiar with the three Bible people I am highlighting today from my illustrate my own - Known Bible Hero book series - Noah, Hananiah, Mishael & Azariah (otherwise known as Shadrach, Meshach & Abednego), and Ruth, so just think how much fun it would be to illustrate these familiar accounts . . . whether you are an artist or draw your illustrations with stick people. As much fun as it would be for you to illustrate these Bible adventures for your grandchildren, think how much more fun it would be to illustrate them together . . . and most importantly, think about the fantastic conversations you would be able to have as you work together to illustrate your books!

crafting with grandma . . . Pounded Flower Bandannas!

As Spring comes to an end and Summer begins there are beautiful plants growing all around us! Flowers, leaves, even pretty weeds! Take your grandchild(ren) on a nature walk and be sure to bring a paper lunch bag along with you to collect the beautiful things they find on your walk. Talk with your grandchild(ren) about the variety of colors in the things you see and lead them in praising God for using so many wonderful colors in the things He created! Encourage them to pick colorful flowers and uniquely shaped leaves as you walk through your yard and then bring them inside to make bandannas for them to wear all summer long!

Wednesday, May 29, 2024

illustrate my own - Known Bible Heroes - Jonah, Elijah, & Joseph

The Bible is filled with true accounts of real people - when we learn about them, and the things which happened to and with them, we are better able to see how God works in our lives - just as He worked in their lives. This is certainly true with Jonah, Elijah, and Joseph!

grandma's cookbook . . . Muddy Buddies

Muddy Buddies are a fun treat to make - and eat! Try this recipe - from the Chex website - with your grandchildren . . . it is sure to be a favorite!

Tuesday, May 28, 2024

illustrate my own - Known Bible Heroes - Gideon, David & Daniel

Over the past few days I have shared with you the titles of the illustrate my own Unknown Bible Hero books with you - today I am happy to let you know about some of the illustrate my own Known Bible Hero books . . .