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Praying Deeper Through the Old Testament for Grandparents & Parents, Too!

When you look at the world around you, do you wonder how your grandchildren/ children will possibly grow up to love, know and follow God with faithful hearts? There are so many things to deceive them and side-track or derail their walk with God. But, we do not have to wonder or worry. No! We can do something about it! We can pray and know God not only hears our prayers, but He listens and answers them as well! With Praying Deeper Through the Old Testament for Grandparents & Parents, Too! Praying the Scriptures for the Children You Love, you will find 52 weeks of Scripture prayers which guide you in praying specifically for God's Word to be shown in your own life and the lives of the children you love! 

Each week begins with a new Scripture, personalized prayer and questions to consider. Then each day for the coming week, you will be able to pray a portion of the verse/prayer for yourself and your grandchildren/children. This focus on praying God's Word for yourself and your grandchildren/children will give you the opportunity to do something. Something which makes a difference. Pray!

Praying Deeper Through the Old Testament is a wonderful tool and encouragement to be faithful in prayer for the next generations! Lynda will slow you down to meditate on God’s Word and guide you to much more thoughtfully pray it back to our gracious Lord, so we, our children and grandchildren will live completely for Him. I highly recommend it!”

                  Susan Sorenson; Mom, Pastoral Staff/Women’s Ministries at Calvary Grand Rapids & Co-Author of Praying Through Cancer 

There is an old Arabic proverb which says, ‘If you don’t have a grandparent in the house, go buy one.’ Whether grandchildren live close by or far away, grandparents have a sacred trust to become prayer warriors for them. Lynda Freeman's book, rooted in Scripture, provides guidelines to help grandparents carry out their trust. Even grandparents who pray regularly for their grandchildren will discover how to make the practice more meaningful. I loved Praying Deeper Through the Old Testament!” 

             Nancy Samra; Mom & Grandma

“In Praying Deeper Through the Old Testament, you’ll find a new way to connect intimately with Christ, to experience Him in more of the moments which make up your day, and bless yourself, your children, and/or your grandchildren. What’s better than that?

Lynda loves the Word, and it shows as she presents us with verses which point us to Jesus and the life changing impact of focusing our prayers on a few verses at a time for a week. Doing so has slowed me down and allowed me to soak in an understanding of Scripture and of God’s will and deep love for me. It helps me remember to take His hand each morning and not to let go. My life is less stressful, my problems don’t seem so big, and I no longer struggle with ‘praying continuously’, as the focus Lynda writes for the day seems to always be exactly what is needed for the day.

If you enjoy devotionals by Sarah Young, Lynda will not disappoint you. If you want to experience a rich prayer life, help your children/ grandchildren reach their full potential in their spiritual walk with the Lord and their personal relationships, keep Lynda’s book on your nightstand and pick it up every morning. You’ll be a life changer for yourself and for the children in your life!” 

              Maralee McKee; Mom & Author of Manners that Matter for Moms 

Lynda has delivered a gem in her latest book for grandparents and parents. In it she gives practical direction with laser focus on what and how to pray for the children in our lives . . . week by week, day by day. Lynda shares in the introduction: ‘As grandparents/parents we must be serious about praying; spending time with our God every day, because we must love, know and walk with God faithfully if we ever want our grandchildren/children to do so. Prayer must be a priority for us, if it ever will be for them.’ This book is not just a book of prayers. It is full of insightful comment, deep questions to ask about your own walk and guided, focused prayer. It will transform your own prayer life and challenge you in your walk with God as you set the example and pray for the children you love.”

                Kevin Troupe; Dad, Director Food Services at Calvary Grand Rapids, & Author of Strength to Care 

Praying Deeper Through the Old Testament from Lynda Freeman is an excellent tool to help grandparents and parents grow in their own walk, so they can lead the children they love further into the truths found in the Bible!  Praying Deeper Through the Old Testament will help you form simple, heartfelt prayers with your grandchildren /children. By praying Scripture back to God, we can expand our thinking and grow in our walk with Him.

                    Faye Ann Bristol; Mom, Grandma & Great-grandma

Praying Deeper Through the Old Testament is a compass for all praying grandparents and parents to help strengthen and equip their families to navigate life's troubled waters in this time of moral upheaval and uncertainty, while standing firmly on God's Word.

           Loretta Baughan; Mom & Author of Clarence & Faye

Lynda's book has inspired me to be even more deliberate in praying God's Word for and with my grandchildren.  Her book makes the Scripture come alive by applying the passage to my/my grandchildren's lives today, with her thoughtful questions. Wonderful book for any parent/grandparent.”

          Jan Harpe; Mom, grandma & Speech/Language Pathologist 

“What an excellent tool Praying Deeper Through the Old Testament is for parents and grandparents to get into the Word and see God move through the power of praying Scripture.  As a busy mom of three, it is such a gift to be able to enter into God’s holy presence and lift my heart and my children before His throne of grace using the insight of ‘Praying Deeper’. Thank you, Lynda! :)”

Jennifer Benham; Mom

How lovely to make my way through the Bible with a new purpose. Lynda covers all aspects of the Bible concerning grace, love, trust and getting to know Your Father in Heaven even better. This is a comprehensive action and study guide which will change your relationship with Jesus. A must-read and a must-do!

                Lori Layne; Mom, Grandma & Missionary with Pilots for Christ 

“I'm a grandmother of four beautiful grandchildren from my two daughters. I found Lynda's blog through a Google search one day not long after I became a new grandmother. I've followed her since and have been richly blessed by her love for the Word of the Lord and her own grandchildren. She has taught me so many wonderful ways to pass on my Faith to my own grandchildren.

Praying Deeper Through the Old Testament is a wonderful addition to any grandparent’s library. It not only is a book of prayers to pray for your grandchildren, it is a wonderful weekly Bible study made simple for busy grandmothers. It is broken down into daily prayer and study which makes it very doable. A feature I was thrilled to see as I am a caregiving grandma. Wonderful book!”

                     Terri Conner; Mom & Grandma 

After reading Praying Deeper Through the Old Testament, my commitment to pray for my grandson has deepened. It is so important in today's busy and hectic world, in which our grandchildren are growing up, we, as Christian grandparents, pray not only for our grandchildren, but for our grown children as well.

I grew up without Grandparents and know the void I felt when others around me talked about their relationships with their grandparents. I longed for this as a child. So, now I have the opportunity to invest in my grandson's life and am taking full advantage of it! I have known Lynda Freeman for over 30 years, as she is my wonderful sister-in-law! We both saw the love of our spouses’ parents for their grandchildren; it is a relationship my sons consider to be PRICELESS. I now have the opportunity to have this kind of relationship with my grandson.

Having a well written Bible study/prayer book to refer to will give me an awesome opportunity to connect with our Loving and Wonderful Father in Heaven as I commit to an ongoing, structured prayer life for my grandson, my sons and for myself as well.

Lynda, I want to say, thank you, for writing this wonderful book encouraging grandparents across the street and around the Nation to pray for our grandchildren, to lift them up in prayer, and to love them unconditionally. I know this book will make a change in my prayer life for my grandson and pray it will make a difference in yours as well.”

                Curtis Chipley;  Dad & Papa to the one and only, Parker!

Get Praying Deeper Through the Scriptures for the moms in your life at this link.

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