Tuesday, April 25, 2023

Praying Deeper Through the Scriptures - A Great Mother's Day Gift for the Moms in Your Life

With Praying Deeper Through the Scriptures, each Month you will find a Scripture passage, which is then personalized and written into a prayer for you to pray for yourself and for the ones you love. Each week focuses in on a particular portion of the monthly Scripture passage and prayer with questions to help you think about what you are praying and suggestions for activities you may try with the ones you love as well. As you pray the Scripture passages for a full month, you will be better able to understand what God’s Word is saying to you, pray for it to be real in your life, and in the lives of your grandchildren/children as well. These passages and prayers will encourage you by helping to give you hope – especially if you have children/grandchildren who have turned away from their faith.

As grandparents/parents we must be serious about praying; spending time with our God every day because we must love, know, and walk with God faithfully if we ever want our grandchildren/children to do so. Prayer must be a priority for us if it ever will be for them. So, pray these Scripture prayers for yourself; grow in your love for God. Grow closer to God. Model for your grandchildren/children what it means to be someone who loves, knows, and walks with God; someone who talks with Him. Pray them for the ones you love and trust God, because He loves our grandchildren/children even more than we do, and He definitely hears, absolutely listens to, and most certainly answers our prayers!

“There is nothing more important Christian grandparents (parents) will do than to pray daily for their grandchildren (children). And what better way to pray than to pray through Scripture. Whenever you pray Scripture back to God, you are able to be assured you are praying for His will to be done. Praying Deeper Through the Scriptures is a wonderful resource for all of us grandparents/parents who want to pray more effectively for the children we love.” 

                                        Wayne Rice; Dad of three, Grandpa of five, Co-founder of Youth Specialties, Legacy Coalition, & Author of Generation to Generation

Get Praying Deeper Through the Scriptures for the moms in your life at this link.

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