Saturday, June 3, 2023

A Family of Her Own for Candy - A Fun Book for the Summer for the Children You Love

Do you have a pet in your family or are you thinking about getting a four-legged family member? Or, do you have a child who really loves animals, especially cats? If so, then A Family of Her Own for Candy is a book they will love!

A Family of Her Own for Candy is a mostly true story about a little kitten and how she ended up with a family of her own. It is based on a true story of how I and my husband, Dave decided to get a kitten from the Humane Society, so our grandsons helped choose the right one - which they named Candy.

I wrote this story for children and hope it delights them - especially if they and their families want to get a kitten (or even a canine) from their local Humane Society. You will find it on amazon at this link.

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