Saturday, June 3, 2023

Fun to Make Unique Craft/Gift

Do you like to make unique, special gifts for the people on your gift list? Do you enjoy helping your grandchildren learn to make unique special gifts for the people on their gift list? There are only six months until Christmas, so if you'd like a great idea for a truly unique gift, try this one! You could help your grandchildren make this gift for their parents!

Supplies -
Directions -
  • Lay your family's last name on the game board
  • Figure out on paper how to add the names of each family member
  • Glue each tile in place
  • Spell out, family, heritage, faith, and love on the four tile trays
  • Glue tiles to tile trays
  • Center tile trays on the four sides of the game board, glue in place
  • Hang wherever you like
This is a craft you can make with even your young grandchildren - just help them with the glue and with placing the tiles in the appropriate places! As you make this craft with your grandchildren talk with them about what their names mean, how God knows their names, and loves them so very much!

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