Tuesday, July 11, 2023

44 Ways to Praise a Child


In the NIV Mom's Devotional Bible, I saw "101 Ways to Praise a Child", so . . . since any day seems like a great opportunity to encourage a child, I thought I'd share some of my personal favorite ways to praise a child with you today!

  1. Way to Go!
  2. You're So Special to Me!
  3. Well Done!
  4. I Knew You Could Do It!
  5. I'm Proud of the Work You Did!
  6. Nice Work!
  7. Looking Good!
  8. You're on Top of It!
  9. You're Catching On!
  10. Now You've Got It!
  11. You Care!
  12. You're a Good Friend
  13. You Make Me Happy!
  14. You Make Me Laugh!
  15. You Mean the World to Me!
  16. You're a Joy!
  17. You Make My Heart Happy! (One of my favorites - I tell this to my grandsons a LOT!)
  18. Say, I Love You Forever and For Always! (Another of my favorites - used often around here!)
  19. You're On Target!
  20. You're Unique!
  21. I Like You!
  22. Great Discovery!
  23. You've Discovered the Secret!
  24. You Figured it Out!
  25. You're So Important to God and to Me!
  26. You Brighten My Day!
  27. You're a Treasure and a Gift from the Hand of God! (Another favorite - used a lot around here!)
  28. Give a Big Hug! (LOTS of hugs given around here!)
  29. Super Work
  30. Creative Job!
  31. You are Responsible!
  32. I'm So Proud of You for Making a Good Choice! (I like and use this one a lot!)
  33. What an Imagination!
  34. What a Good Listener!
  35. You are Fun!
  36. You're Growing Up!
  37. You Tried Hard!
  38. I Trust You!
  39. I Respect You!
  40. That's Correct!
  41. You're Wonderful!
  42. You Made my Day!
  43. Give a Big Kiss! (This grandma does a lot of this!!!!)
  44. Good Job!
Remember a couple things when you are praising and encouraging a child; be sure what you are saying is accurate - do not exaggerate or they will know it and won't believe you. Be generous with  expressing your love - they are little for such a short time and what you say and do will stay with them forever!

So . . . what is your favorite way to praise and encourage your grandchildren?

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