Tuesday, July 11, 2023

Join All of Us - Make a Difference

Have you heard of the "All of Us" research program from the NIH? Well, it is a fantastic opportunity for "all of us" to make an impact on the future of health care in our country. How, you ask? Please let me share with you some information . . .

They say; "At the moment, health care is often one-size-fits-all. But imagine a future where your health care is tailored to you. We want to make that future possible. How? By creating a resource which allows researchers to conduct thousands of studies on health and disease.

We expect the program to last at least 10 years, and we hope you’ll stick with us throughout the study. All eligible adults over 18, living anywhere in the United States can join. 

All of Us is powered by participants. We want you to understand each step along the way. If you decide to join the All of Us Research Program, the first step is to create an account. You can do this through our registration page or at one of our participation centers. You’ll need to provide your name and email address or mobile phone number to enroll. Once you’ve created your account, you will be asked to give your consent. This includes reviewing a series of videos, which will provide more detailed information about the program. These describe all the types of information you may be asked to give. 

Once you feel comfortable you know what to expect, and if you are ready to give your consent, you’ll electronically sign the consent form. You are able to do all of this from your computer, tablet, or smartphone, or at a partner center. As part of the consent process, we will ask you to agree to share your electronic health records (EHR). Sharing your EHR is your choice. If you decide not to share your EHR, you can still participate by answering health surveys. But you will not be asked to take part in some other aspects of the program. Your DNA results could include information about your ancestry (which is where your family comes from), your genetic traits, whether you have an increased risk for getting certain health conditions, and how your body might react to certain medications. You may want to know this information or you may not. 

Your answers will help build the All of Us database. Approved researchers can access this database to conduct their studies. You may be invited to visit one of our partner centers to have your physical measurements taken (height, weight, blood pressure, etc.) and provide biosamples (blood and urine). You will be able to choose the partner location most convenient for you. 

Throughout the program, other researchers may conduct other studies, including clinical trials. These trials may study certain health problems or medications. You may be invited to take part in some of these. You can always join this research program and say no to other research studies. You will have access to the data you give to the program. This may be interesting to you and help you learn about your health. We will tell you about the research studies that use All of Us data.

All of Us participants can learn about their health, their DNA, and receive other benefits. Part of being our partner means you are able to choose to receive information we learn about you. Many participants are excited to receive their DNA results. If you provide a blood or saliva sample and say “Yes” to the Consent to Get DNA Results, over time the program can provide you with these results if you want to see them. This includes information about: Your genetic ancestry and traits Whether you may have a greater risk of developing certain hereditary diseases or health conditions, and mroe.

If we ask you to go to an All of Us partner center to be physically measured and give blood, saliva, or urine samples and you decide to do it, we will offer you a one-time compensation of $25. It may be in the form of cash, a gift card, or an electronic voucher.

The future of health really does begin with you. When you join All of Us, you become part of something bigger than yourself. Taking part in health research is a gift we can give to our children and our community. Our legacy can be better health for future generations."

My husband and I both are participating in this research opportunity - if you would like to learn more or sign up to do the same, check this link.


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